but what about the war?




I understand that it’s been years since the Great War, but surely even years later there should be repercussions. It’s like as soon as that story arc was over, JF just totally forgot the war even happened. Apart from Thomas’s glove (and don’t even get me started on how hot I find that damn glove…

You are my soul sibling in wanting this, especially with regard to Thomas. Of all the Downton war stories from s2, for me, his was the most affecting by far, and not just because he’s my favourite. No offence to William’s fans, but the story Fellowes wrote for him has been told so many times before - that of the nice, upstanding young man who eagerly goes off to fight for his country and dies a hallowed death. Matthew’s war story had the comical coda of sudden tea-tray-induced recovery from paralysis, so I remember it with more amusement than anything else; and Lang was a minor character who was affecting but who came and went quickly.

But Thomas - oh, Thomas. Skeptical about the “cause” from the beginning, unashamed of looking out for his own interest by enlisting in the RAMC - for he was smart enough to know that the war planners didn’t give a damn - and ultimately willing to risk everything in order to survive after two years in hell. And then, Edward Courtenay. EVERYTHING about Thomas’ war story cries out for further exploration. Not to mention that Jimmy’s hasn’t been touched on at all, apart from his mention of his dad dying in the war. 

I don’t think we’re likely to get this kind of story from Fellowes, though. This is yet another example of why I wish Thommy fandom writers had some say over scripts! :)

Just re-read your original post. Even though we’re not likely to get a full-on story about a character dealing with war memories, you’re absolutely right that Fellowes should be able to work in one of those small moments he’s so good at. I just get carried away on the topic of Thomas and the war. :)

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Not the same anon here, but I just wanted to say that while I have serious "We act…" abstinence, it is also one of my favorite fics and one that I know I will be rereading over and over again, so if you need more time with it, take it, it'll be worth the wait! And please don't leave out the smut for god's sakes! ;)

Haha I won’t skip the smut no matter what :P

And thank you for saying such sweet things, they really make me happy and help motivate me even more! I love you dear readers and I want the last chapter to be good for you guys <3

I’ll really try hard to finish it this month! But don’t worry, I won’t skip the smut or rush it before it’s ready :)